Film Photography Studio Services

Welcome to Light and Shadow Film Photography Studio and Production house, acinematic oasis nestled in the heart of the bustling city, Hyderabad and is just few minutes from Hyderabad International Airport. Our studio is a haven for all film and photography enthusiasts boasting a drive-in green matte studio floor and a pristine white cyclorama photography studio floor spread in 3000sq.ft, with dimensions of 60x40x18 feet, this air-conditioned space provides ample space for all your creative visions to come to life.

We’re your one-stop destination for all your Film and photography production needs with top-of the-line cameras and lighting equipment.

The Green Matte studio

Spread across 3000sq.ft, our drive-in green matte studio floor boasts dimensions of 60 feet in length, 40 feet in width, and a height of 18 feet.

White Cyclorama Studio

Our pristine drive-in white cyclorama photography studio floor spans 60 feet length, 40 feet width and 18 feet height.

Step into the perfect location for your film productions and photo shoots. Our studio is your canvas for creating captivating stories and our network of creative professionals is your compass, guiding you towards your vision and by delivering compelling narratives through our cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Step in and discover a world of possibilities beyond your imagination.

What We Do:

  • Corporate Portfolio Shoot
  • Advertising film shoot
  • Automobile shoot
  • Political shoots
  • Editorial and Magazine Shoot
  • Movie poster shoots
  • Movie teaser shoots
  • Celebrity portfolio shoots
  • Industrail shoots
  • Corporate Lifestyle shoots
  • Product and still life shoots
  • Lookbook and Catalog shoots
  • Maternity and New born shoots
  • TV commercials shoot
  • Green matte VFX shoots
  • Blue matte VFX shoots
  • CG shoots
  • Corporate Virtual Shoots
  • Health and wellness shoot
  • Theatre ad film shoot
  • Print ad shoots
  • Banking Industry shoots